A browsing concept for scores and ranking them based on colors (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Green).

The Popover shows a history of all scores submitted on that level and a link to challenge or view rankings based on users.


User Profile

As I updated the new Stream design, I knew the profile also needed a refresh. Our content now revolves more around scores and achievements so putting an emphasis on that was crucial.


Stream Design

With the new Grouped Stream project, we're introducing a more content-focused and cleaner design. In an effort to increase engagement, comments will show on the stream and users will be able to reply to comments, creating threaded discussions.


Website Design

I designed the front page of Heyzap to showcase some of the cool features we've been working on. I wanted to make the whole page animated and fun.


Pinterest Concept

Wouldn't it be nice to have a UI that adjusts to the colors of your desktop? Experimenting with a more square and green user interface based on the Pinterest concept.
All vector made on Sketch 2.


Profile Cards

Saw a lot of Twitter rebounds so I decided to make a Dribbble card and a few other ones for practice.

Experiment · 2012


Practice makes perfect. Before the advent of beautiful typography in glorious retina displays, Skeuomorphic designs were an immersive and intuitive way to bring a sense of familiarity to non-savvy and delight savvy users.

Snoflake · 2011

Mobile App Creator

During the time when everyone believed that HTML5 was the future, we started designing an innovative tool for building mobile apps on the fly by using a simple to use CMS. Snoflake.ca (HTML/CSS/jQuery by me) was the product.